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Individual and Aggregate Reporting

Electronic Screening Results, Tracking, and Reporting

  • iPad technology for instant upload of data and individual summary report of screening results
  • Secure results are e-mailed to the participant for later retrieval and viewing
  • Instant aggregate reporting of all data for organizational review

Sample Individual Report Card

The Sample Company’s overall grade was a “B”. Separate grades for blood pressure, diabetes (blood glucose), weight management (body composition analysis and BMI), smoking, and cholesterol (total and HDL) are listed in the table below. The aggregate report that follows highlights the areas of greatest risk based on prevalence; those areas of concern include elevated total cholesterol, overweight/obesity, and low HDL (good) cholesterol.


Sample Company Aggregate Report Card

This Aggregate Report Card is intended to give an overview of health risk with a more in depth look at some ways these risks affect the health of participants. It is not a full analysis of the causes of health risks. This report highlights the areas of greatest risk based on prevalence. There may be areas of risk that have a low prevalence, but are of concern for your group. For example, there may be a low prevalence of participants who smoke, but this may still be an area that can be targeted for improvement.